From the railway to the tarmacced way.


By the end of the XIXth century, hundreds of people built these few kilometers of line to achieve a railway. At the pace of the bugle, used by a colossal toil, these workers would probably have smiled picturing that one day this lane would turn into a tarmacced surface that looks like a cycling track.


They would even have laughed if they knew that the train conveying coal would eventually be replaced by bikes, rollerblades and micro-scooters!..They may have stood dubious at the idea of miners becoming hikers.


Anyway, let’s hope they would have encouraged us to safeguard this historic strip : they will make possible for you, all along these 15 kilometers, to discover the beautiful landscapes of Sumène Artense.


And if the « black mugs » keep leaving their mark on the territory, the “Green Trail” will permit you to cross it passing by bassignac, Ydes, Saignes train station, Cheyssac and the hamlet of Fleurac.


A secured Green Trail opened to everyone


Among its numerous qualities, La Piste Verte has a low difference in height, a peaceful atmosphere, far from the cars, far from dangers and the freedom of wander and accessibility. On the way are public toilets in Ydes, picnic areas and drinkable water fountains.


La Piste Verte is generally used by locals for daily travels or friend and family walks… but sportsmen, passing explorers of the land and even small or not warriors on their way to learn riding a bike and using rollerblades!


During summer, the tracks becomes la “Piste des Arts” (Arts Trail). Getting covered up of intimate artistic worls of all kinds, left for the judgement of passers-by.


Located half way to each ends of the road, a welcome and rental outlet (in Ydes), makes possible to cross that multi-activity trail by electric and mountain bikes, rollerbladees and micro-scooters etc…


For your safety, motorized vehicles of all kinds and “equine riding” are forbidden.