Rent what you need!


Pole location: rental outlet


Our rental outlet has been devised to give everyone a selection of various material.

Mountain and hybrid bikes (any size, with or without child safety seats), micro-scooters and rollerblades are available there, plus our electric bicycles MATRA.


We offer a service of hourly rate, with prices descending for a longer time. Rental is only available on site, but you can book your material online before or contact us, especially what’s in demand like bikes with a child safety seat or training wheels.


Come and go as you wish on “La Piste Verte” and around, and renting material for several days is possible too! Only matters the timetable for the opening and closing of the outlet.


Warning: For each electric bicycle hired, a 500€ bail (by cheque) and an ID card are requested.


New: The rental of tablets providing quality animations, testimonies and new photos for interactive hiking!


The “Pôle Location” project (rental outlet project)


Building the dam of Bord-Les-Orgue caused the closing of the coal mines around, resulting in a drop in the attendance of the railway from Paris to Aurillac.

Therefore, the Ydes-Champagnac station ended abandonned in 1994,and has been renovated in 2000 to become a wheeled material rental outlet.


La Piste Verte is directly accessible from the outlet located half-way from each ends.


Grab your hiking shoes, your bike, skateboard or even your training wheeled skis…and travel across the 15 kms of La Piste Verte.