The must-sees of Saignes village


Saint-André parish church


Saignes - Sainte-Croix ChurchRoman edifice built in the XII th century, the Saint-André church is located in the center of Saignes town.

On the outside lateral walls, a rope covers the archivolt sitting on top of the windows. That rope motif can be seen on most the church of the region, encircling some pillars, capitals, windows, porches, and symbolise the land of the church. The apse, which is the half-circular part ending the nave (central body) of the church of Saignes, is one of the most beautiful and of the best preserved of North Auvergne.


The church is opened all year long.


The “Notre-Dame du Château” Chapel.


Notre Dame du Château Chapel - SaignesAs its name suggets, this is the former chapel of Saignes castle. Built in the XII th century, it is today its only remaining piece, indeed, the castle has been abandonned and fell apart since the XVI th century.

The access to the inside of the chapel is forbidden.




The Puy of Saignes

(a Puy is a volcanic hill)


The Puy of SaignesFrom town, take the fairground direction. The local council community created a pathway to the top of the hill, where lies a metal cross and a belvedere!






Saignes location on La Piste Verte