Trancis Castle


Jean Galvaing and the building of Trancis Castle





The history of the castle is as romanesque as its architecture!

It’s actually an old bourgeois house purchased in the XIX th century by the illegitimate son of a housekeeper and a notable from Ydes: Jean Galvaing











Trancis Castle before construction works


Brought to Belgique by his mother, a family into textile business notice him and decide to make him their heir : Jean Galvaing is now owning a fortune. Coming back to Cantal in 1878, he decided to buy a modest bourgeois house from Trancis et marries a young woman from Champagnac in 1879.


In 1909, he lefts to the architect raynaud and the sculptor Emile Gourguillon to tranforme the place into a castle from the Renaissance era.



Trancis Castle during construction works



Raynaud inserts a perpendicular wing on the main body of the central building to give it some breadth. At the angle on the building, on the left side, is added a turret in which one climbs up spiral stairs; a bell tower, south side in the central part of the building looks out onto a garden with his basins. The castle is inspired by Villesavin, another castle next to Chambord (One of the most famous french castle part of the “Chateaux de la Loire” (Loire’s castles”)). White limestone, broken slate roofs and sculpted plants and animals…: from towers to stables and attics/dovecote? none of the Renaissance vocubulary is missing.


The once bourgeois house became a noble house: maybe the revenge of the child, challenging his fate, towards the land that threw him away?



Château de Trancis © Pierre Witt



Jean Galvaing died one year later in 1910, yet his spouse took maters into her own ends and ended the works three years later.


Today, Trancis castle has been converted to a hotel in 1988 and is a private property.



Trancis castle location on La Piste Verte